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A delicate twig cast in solid gold set with a round brilliant cut diamond.
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Gold twigs entwine around the finger, set within, a round brilliant cut diamond.
Wedding and bridal
Fine leaf band, cast from life to be worn for a life time.
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Picked on a country walk and cast in silver, the rye grass wraps around the finger creating the ring.
Rye grass ring
Twigs cast in gold, in between sits a round rose cut diamond.
Trees Collection

Lucy Jade Sylvester - Fine Jewellery Design

Welcome to Lucy Jade Sylvester

Fine botanical jewellery, cast from life

Lucy Sylvester

Since completing an MA at Birminghams School of Jewellery Lucy has been working from her Oxfordshire studio. Lucy works in silver, gold and platinum; she introduces colour through chemical treatment of the metal to enhance fine details and textures, also through faceted or uncut stones.

"I walk in the countryside to collect delicate seedheads and insects, I'm interested in finding things that would decay into the ground, turning them into precious wearable objects. With climate change affecting our wildlife, my work may become a record for the future of the insect and plant life we have today."

Each new season or place visited brings fresh inspiration and items to work with.

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