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Stag beetle necklace.

Stag beetle necklace.
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This very majestic beetle is the King of our woods and gardens, its the UK's largest land beetle, rarely seen today due to a lack of old and rotting wood in gardens and parks. 
This naturally deceased specimen is now cast in solid 18 ct yellow gold, ready to have new adventures, and hopefully on the way spread awareness about the importance of rotten wood in gardens. 
He is nearly 6 cm in length and just shy of 3 cm wide, he is a lovely weight and very tactile to wear.
This beautiful beetle's details are all retained from the original natural form his leg structures are all visible on his underside which also carries a Birmingham hallmark.
The Stag beetle hangs on a 29" chain, the catch works in all the links so he can be worn various lengths.
The Stag beetle necklace can be made in white, rose or yellow gold.

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