Handmade in England using recycled gold & silver
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Hawk Moth and Poppy Seed Head Ring

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The hawk moth and poppy seed head have been cast from life, the naturally deceased moth has been given a new life in solid silver, he retains all the finest details, the legs clearly visible on his underside.

The moth has a polished finish, and has a wing span of 8cm, the poppy seed head is 1cm in diameter and has been darkened to enhance the natural details from the original natural form.

The poppy seed head sits on one side of your finger as the moth rests across your hand, the open shank means the ring can be carefully manipulated to fit more than one finger size.

This Hawk moth and poppy ring is worn by Sansa Stark on the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

The solid silver ring is handmade in Oxfordshire and carries a Birmingham hallmark.

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